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Anri de Beer

Anri de Beer


Cell: 081 414 8982

Heinrich Swanepoel

Heinrich Swanepoel


Cell: 082 326 9049

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We have made the order process as simple as possible. SImply select the shoots your would like and pay for them online. You can either select one of our pre made packages or build your own.

Freequently Asked Questions

What equipement do you use?

We strictly make use of Canon Products. Our cameras and lenses are Canon. 

Can I book multiple shoots?

Yes you can. Once the shoots are booked we will contact you and arrange dates according to your flexibility.

Do you have budget packages?

Yes we do, we also allow clients to pay off their purchase with mobi-cred. This means that you won’t have to pay a large some of money right away.

What if I just want one photo?

We do have a le cart options where you can book a specific shoot for just one image, however we do give 3 images even if you pay for only one. 

Is there a limit of people for family shoots?

No, whether you are 3 or 30, we do accommodate any number of people, however we do advise to book and extra hour for large family shoots. 

What is your call out radius?

We are not limited to any area. We do however charge a fee for any travelling outside George, Western Cape. 

Have a burning question?

  • We would love to answer any questions you may have simply click on the Whatsapp icon on the bottom corner and instantly get in touch with us.

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