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Different ways to market your company.


Getting the right advice and service can be a daunting task. filtering through thousands of recommendations and so called web designers. We are here to make your life as simple as possible. feel free to call us for free telephonic advice, even if you don’t end up using us.


Google Ads (PPC)

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Simplified, if you want to be on Page 1 of google instantly the fastest way to achieve that is through Google Ads. Cost depends on Google’s calculation of the account setup, industry and chosen AdWords and meta tags. The “Cost per Click” is then generated and will then be deducted from your daily budget until it has reached it’s limit and you will then have to increase your limit or sacrifice ending at the bottom of the page where you organically are. Whether it is page 10 or page 1.



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Search Engine Optimisation: Perhaps the most important aspect and yet the most neglected is your SEO. Without SEO your website will not reach clients who search for services like yours on google. We analyse your website and implement all your SEO requirements into your server as well as your website in order for you to be access by many search engines and not just google. The cost is determined by the amount of hours this will take as every site is different. 95% of web designers do not implement the client’s SEO due to lack of knowledge and or the client not insisting or paying for SEO.


Facebook (Paid Ads)

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Similar to the Google Ads process, Facebook ad costs are estimated after the advert has been set up and all tags and variables have been programmed. You will be given two options. Either have an uncapped account which will result in cost increasing as your exposure increases without any limits or to have a daily budget and when it has depleted the ads will stop until the next day. The latter is advised.


Email Marketing

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With so many spam emails hitting your imbox on a daily basis, you need to stand out from the crowd while implementing a strong call to action function. With a custom built html email template you can notify your clients of important events, projects, launches and news.


S. Media Marketing

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We research your brand, business and future goals as well as your competition and determine the best marketing strategy and campaign uniquely tailored for you. Depending on the package you select, we will then start your campaign and monitor it regularly to ensure the best results are generated by the actions. We also offer the option to post only text or image and text ads.


Like Campaigns

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We offer amazxing packages that are cost effective and increase your likes significantly. Clients judge your business pages on social media by your popularity. If you are not popular or have a few hundred likes, you won’t be getting those big clients easily.

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